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Human Design

Human Design describes our talents and how to be aligned with ourselves in order to express them fully.  Helps us to recognize conditioned behavioral patterns and how to follow the natural expressions of our energy. How to be centered and in the flow. How to walk the path of least resistance to fulfill our life's mission. Human design is a useful tool for people waking up to their potential.

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"Human design shows a new way of decision-making, which is in alignment with our inner make-up and does not come from the mind."

Jakub Stritezsky

Certified Human design professional and teacher 

Years of professional experience
Readings done

I am involved with Human Designu for twelve years, nine of these professionally. I have done several thousand readings & consultations and taught/led almost 90 courses and seminar, both live and on-line.

I am sharing the Human Designu in my unique voice, using my extensive experiences from the fields of personal development, therapy and meditation. My focus is on the empowerment and support of my clients/students, the growth of self-sufficiency, creativity and personal transformation.

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"The moment you can see how your own vehicle [your body] operates, you enter into mythology. Real mythology, not made up stuff, not fantasy. Each and every human being has a unique archetypal nature that is here to be explored and expressed. Not by doing anything, but by being yourself."
Ra Uru Hu