Know your core gifts, make the right choices
and fulfill your potential.


Online course with Jakub Stritezsky at Human Design America

July 11th - August 29th 

Over 10 hours of lessons (videos & mp3) plus 8 x live webinars (1.5 - 2 hrs each)

Look beneath the surface of reality.
Find out what motivates & drives your actions.
Meet the beauty & mystery of what it means to be you.

Human Design chart with energy centers.
Your personal chart shows your talents / strengths
and how you naturally function in various areas of your life.

The video here will be in English 🙂

This course is a gateway into the world of Human Design, the starting point & deepening of your experiment. You will come out of it seeing yourself and your interactions with others differently. You will get an understanding of the four energy Types, nine Centers and Authorities. This is your chance to ground your understanding of HD with the live support of an experienced teacher.

Imagine being able to know and fully express the gifts that you were born with. To tap your inherent resources, awakening to your full potential and sharing your creativity with others. To know what really works for you and what's just a distraction. Being in the flow and harmony with yourself and the world around you...

Imagine being able to...

  • Recognize your own truth and trust yourself to know what is correct for you in any given situation.
  • Be free of unhealthy pressure, whether mental or physical.
  • Let go of the need to prove and appreciating/value yourself instead.
  • Respecting your inner mechanics (design) to alleviate resistance and stress.
  • Releasing the guilt and embracing your uniqueness.
  • Meeting others from the place of self-love and acceptance.

What does it change in your life?

Living your design eliminates unnecessary resistance and stress. As you relax and tap more into your core gifts, you find yourself in the flow of life, in the "zone". From that place, you can creatively manifest your full potential. Every little step in this direction brings about a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment. As you honestly share your uniqueness with others, the quality of your relationships and life in general improves.

Human Design is...

Human Design is a useful tool if you are passionate about waking up to your true potential. A doorway to living the life you were born to live, it leads to profound integration of mind with the body. It maps your inner set-up (design) and provides signposts so that you can honor and surrender to your mechanics.


Is this course for you?

  • People from all backgrounds and many countries have taken this course as a support in their experiment. 
  • If you are a human and want to have a nice time on the planet, then yes!
  • The only prerequisite is that you are alive and willingness to your potential.

The benefits you will experience

  • Align with your INTERNAL STRENGTHS
    Do you want to tap into your creativity? Fully express your talents and become THE HERO OF YOUR OWN STORY? Are you open to the possibility that you can have a profound impact, be more successful or find more satisfaction? That's what living your design is all about.
  • Recognize your own truth and trust yourself to know what is correct for you in any given situation.
  • Be free of unhealthy pressure, whether mental or physical.
  • Let go of the need to prove and appreciating/value yourself instead.
  • Respecting your inner mechanics (design) to alleviate resistance and stress.
  • Releasing the guilt and embracing your uniqueness.
  • Meeting others from the place of self-love and acceptance.


Human Design

The mechanics of how you're designed to be in the flow and how it's represented in your chart.

Voice of Truth

How to listen to your innate wisdom (energy) and let it guide you.

The Four Types

The four energetic types of people and their ideal way of functioning.

The Nine Centers

The centers as areas/themes of your life and how how they operate in you and others.

The Openness

You’ll learn what the openness is and how to transform its conditioning into your wisdom.

Sharing Encouraged

Webinars are times of live interaction, questions, sharing and support.

Everyday life

All of this aims to empower you in living your design in everyday life. To "just" be yourself.


Access to member’s section on the web, that includes the following:

  • Introduction to Human Design, chart, openness, conditioning etc. (video / mp3, 100 min)
  • Introduction to 4 energy Types (45 min) + detailed description of Manifestor, Generator, Projector and Reflector types (video / mp3, 4 x 60 min, total 4 hours)
  • Introduction to the Centers (45 min) + detailed description of each center, it’s theme & keynotes (video / mp3, 9 x 10-15 min, total 115 min)
  • Introduction to the Authority (25 min) + detailed description of each authority / ways of decision-making (video / mp3, total 55 min)
  • 7 live webinars (90min each) for Q&A, sharing and discussion on the respective topics – recording will be posted in member’s area
  • DOWNLOADABLE RESOURCES include audio recording of all the lessons & webinars as well as the slides used in presentation. You will also get a brief description of all the Gates, list of Channel names and few other things.
  • Your access to all of that is guaranteed for at least 5 years and will most likely be permanent.
  • On top of all that, you will also receive an e-book “Commentaries on Living Your Design” by Genoa Bliven, director of Human Design America. It contains key information for your Living Your Design process from a fresh perspective that you have not heard transmitted in this way before. This book is a precious resource available only to students of LYD course with Jakub.

what's the correct headline here???

  • Lessons of the course are released weekly in the member's area of this web, starting from August 9th.
  • Each lesson contains video and downloadable mp3 + visuals.
  • Each lesson is followed by an online webinar / workshop dedicated to Q&A, sharing and support.
  • Webinars take place every Wednesday, starting from August 15th to September 26th
  • Webinars are 90 min long and start at 3 pm GMT / 8:00 am Pacific / 11 am Eastern / 5 pm European.
  • Just like all the lessons, you can also watch the recording of all webinars and download the audio

You can SIGN UP for the course ANY TIME and participate in the live webinars next time I teach the course (3-4 times per year).


Jakub Stritezsky
Living Your Design guide

Growing up in the former communist country (Czech Republic), I was first introduced to  spirituality at the age of 14, when the iron curtain came down. I was fascinated by the notion of energy and meditation. I began reading books by Osho, Castaneda, Grof as well as Tolkien and other fantasy novels.

I knew there is more to life than I was able to live out and was searching for ways to be in my power. Yet I was hitting an invisible barrier that prevented me from doing it fully.

I felt potential for more, without knowing what of and how to get it. My search led me to Tai-Chi, meditation, family constellations, shamanic ceremonies, NLP and all kinds of therapies. All of that helped me and I’ve experienced altered states of expanded consciousness, profound realizations, satori and received healing.

But I also saw that  none of these modalities fundamentally changed my reality or opened the possibilities I knew were there.

I remember myself asking to find “something” that would help me to be grounded in everyday life. Year later, when I first saw my HD chart, I immediately knew that I need to find out more about “it”. Almost straight away, I had my reading, enrolled in the Living Your Design course and continued onward with the whole educational & certification process. I went through it twice in a row, first with Lynda Bunnel of IHDS and the second time with Genoa Bliven of Human Design America.

Years or professional experiences
Seminars and online courses
Readings and consultations

I was amazed how deep and true this system is. How it points to our uniqueness and how it helped me to be more grounded, more OK. How it teaches me to be sensitive to who I am and to stay open to the mystery. HD didn’t tell me how to live, but pointed me towards my own truth so that I can follow its guidance in anything I do.

About 6 months after meeting HD, I was clear that this is what I want to do professionally. I’ve been doing that since 2008 when I returned came back home from living abroad. I became a messenger of HD in Czech & Slovak Republic, popularizing it through public talks, magazine and TV interviews. Genoa Bliven became my mentor and close friend and came to Czechia four times to lead live workshops.

I have done almost 3000 readings and guided over 400 students through this course, some of whom already became certified HD professionals. I am also teaching other courses, including the Professional training program (PTL).

In guiding you through this course, I use all my experiences to support you in living your design in everyday life. My goal is empowering you to live out your full potential. To be more daring, creative and to fully express your potential.

This course is an opportunity to give up fantasies about how your life should be and instead live the life that’s truly yours.

If you’re curious what others are saying about my my student’s feedback lower on this page.


I'll add more images here.

I will put here the video of the entire 1st lesson.

Feedback from course participants

What the previous participants of the course say about their experience.

Dear Jakub, thank you so much for everything. After riding the over-excitement of being shown Human Design and studying on my own all videos, audios, Lynda's book, having 3 different readings etc., your LYD course was the best thing that could happen to me! It really made the difference to listen to such a beautiful, patient and clear expert and share the experience with others. No book or videos can substitute the felt sense of learning with someone that has lived their design for a while. The approach that you and Genoa have on really going deep into the essence of HD, how it is all energetically focused, how it is all an invitation to try it out and feel it on our own... made the click for me.

Dania Parente (Projector)

I wanted you to know what a contribution your class has been to me. Your ability to communicate Human Design fundamentals with both clarity and ease is remarkable. The care and attention that you put into creating the recorded lessons really shows. In the live webinars, you allow students to tap into your depth of knowledge and answer our questions with helpful insight and just the right amount of supportive guidance. I spent many months looking for the right place to begin a formal training in Human Design. But after I watched your introduction on YouTube, I got my answer in the moment. Each new weekly lesson was exactly what I needed to formally begin my experiment. I am deeply grateful to you for that. And, I look forward to returning to study with you again sometime soon.

Jamie Rich (Projector)

I am really, really happy I joined your courses - not only are you very talented in how you present and pace the contents, but also can I feel a space for the unknown and a receptivity for matters, you want to discover. So, as I said - I am really happy to be part of this learning with you. Thank you!

Carin Jungmann (Reflector)

I thoroughly enjoyed the classes and learned a lot, especially the part where you were doing the teaching as you are an excellent teacher and make the subject matter very interesting. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with all of us.

Margo Park (Projector)

Dear Jakub, thank you for an excellent course. The tools that you taught us have helped me tremendously in my personal life. They saved my 20 year relationship which had been going through a five year hiatus. Once I understood myself better and started to apply these tools for myself and in other situations, my relationship once again regained its wonder. Thank you again from my heart for your time and excellent teaching.

Millie Rosario (Manifestor)

I so enjoyed your class and I learned so much. You have an ease to you and you explain things very well. Various examples you would use were just perfect in helping me understand the concept presented. The course has impacted my life. I am struggling with the right words to describe this difference, but overall I feel more relaxed, more at peace...I feel I have been able to take the pressure off myself of "Having to figure it all out!"

Susan Stern (Manifesting Generator)

Hi Jakub, I just wanted to give you my feedback on the LYD course... It had a great impact on me and exceeded my expectation in many ways. The classes were well organized and planned and I liked the time dedicated to sharing the student’s experiences. I also did my own study on advanced topics of HD while taking this course, but the weekly classes put me down to earth, filling all the gaps that I missed. There's a lot of information available online and it can be overwhelming and misleading to study without guidance and structure. That's why I'm so glad that I took this course and would totally recommend it to everyone seriously interested in Human Design. Thank you for such a professional work, substantiated by the care and passion you show.

Carla Muñoz (Generator)

Dear Jakub, I loved how you brought the individual students into the dialogue. You were very warm, and open to contributions, and I think you made everyone feel special. I need to learn things from the ground up, in the simplest form, so it was a great review to further deepen my foundation. I’ve noticed that I have a renewed appreciation for the value of HD since starting the class. It was also wonderful to have Genoa’s Commentaries, as he has such a mystical approach to things that I really relate to. I really enjoyed being in the class and observing your teaching. You are a superb teacher and have a gift for drawing people out and class participation. HD needs more faculty talent like yours.

Marsha Madigan (Projector)

Dear Jakub, that class was incredibly uplifting and awesome. I feel somehow accomplished, amused, and at peace with who I am and what's going on. Your patience, sense of humor, and ability to field all sorts of questions creates a relaxed classroom with a feeling of safety and enthusiasm. I really appreciate your teaching method, and your ability to help everyone mingle. I feel too like you address people in a way that makes sense for them.

Rebecca Rose (Generator)

Hi Jakub, thanks for the opportunity to be a part of our class. I so enjoyed your presentation and seeing things clearer with the other designs. I’m noticing recently how this journey of life for me now has felt ‘lighter' with knowing more about my design as well as others. I recently spent days with my sister and discovered a newness in our relationship that I have missed in previous visits with her. Life is different for me now and relationships seem easier.

Joy Carr (Projector)


8/9     Lesson 1: Introduction to Human design
8/15   1st online webinar
8/16   Lesson 2: Introduction to Types + Manifestor
8/22   online webinar
8/23   Lesson 3: Generator
8/29    online webinar
8/30    Lesson 4: Projector + Reflector
8/5      online webinar
9/6      Lesson 5: Introduction to Centers + Centers part 1
9/12    online webinar
9/13    Lesson 6: Centers part 2
9/19    online webinar
9/20    Lesson 7: Authorities
9/26    last online webinar

Did you have a Human Design reading, or are you interested in Human Design, perhaps studying from various sources available on the net? Do you want to ground your understanding of Human Design mechanics? This course is structured to help you understand how the information about your design translates into your everyday life.

Early bird price: $ 297

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    Do you want to better UNDERSTAND YOURSELF AND OTHERS? Why you behave in the way you do? How you impact others and how to interact with them proactively? In this course, you'll learn about the imprint that determines the natural flow of your energy & informs your actions. You’re free to do whatever you want, but it’s wise to respect your design, as it improves the quality of your life. Not because you'd have a better life, but because you'll live the one that's TRULY YOURS.
  • Access your authentic VOICE OF TRUTH
    The path of least resistance leads to alignment with you and your potential. It's not always nice or fun to walk, but it is YOUR PATH. It enables you to BE PRESENT to yourself, to BE IN THE FLOW / THE ZONE. That's how you'll to get to the right place at the right time. In the course, you'll learn how to listen to your inner wisdom and follow the natural expression of your energy.
  • Establish a conscious relationship with your ideal WAY OF BEING
    You know those days you're running late, forget something or have an argument? We all meet resistance in our life - some of it is necessary for our growth, some not. Whether is shows up as physical pain or disruption in your FLOW, it’s a feedback that you need to change or accept something (usually yourself). This course will empower you to be CENTERED within yourself and AVOID UNNECESSARY RESISTANCE.
    Do you want to EXPRESS YOUR TRUTH and engage in an honest communication with your partner, friend, child or colleagues? Really hear what they have to say? In the course, you will learn few simple tips that can greatly enhance your communication and MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING with others.
  • Improve the quality of your RELATIONSHIPS
    This ties in with the communication but goes deeper than that. Work on a relationship really means working on ourselves. Human Design is about being our true selves and allowing others to be themselves too. Knowing what makes us tick and relating to others from the place of our inner truth is freeing. Knowing that empowers you to gradually shift to a higher frequency of relating to yourself and others.