Mandala is a visual representation of the Human Design System.

Mandala Human designu s konkrétní mapou

The inner wheel represents the 12 signs of the zodiac. Although Human Design uses the same zodiacal wheel as astrology, it is interpreted differently. The outer wheel is composed of 64 hexagrams of I'Ching. Each hexagram represents archetypal energies and they are also directly related to our genetic code, the 64 codons of our DNA.

As Above, so Below. In the middle of the mandala is a Bodygraph. The position of planets at the moment of our birth determines which of the hexagrams are activated or defined. If, for example, you were born with Sun in the Aquarius (two wavy lines), and the Sun is in a 13th hexagram, than that hexagram becomes a part of your definition, defining your 13 th gate (in the G center) as your Personality Sun.

Human Design synthesizes components of several ancient traditions and modern scientific disciplines. These are I'Ching of Taoism, Tree of Life of Kabbalah, Chakra system of Hinduism and various systems of Astrology on the one hand and Astronomy, Physics and Molecular Biology on the other hand. (For information about the origin of the Human Design, read this article.)

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At the center of the Mandala is the Bodygraph, the representation of human body.

Ukázková mapa Human designu

There are 9 centers, 36 channels and 64 gates in the Bodygraph. The centers are hubs of energy in our body, but unlike the 7 chakras of the Hinduistic tradition, there are 9 centers in the Bodygraph. Each center represents a certain type of energy and is related to certain functions within our body. Definition (and openness) of our centers determines to a large degree who we are. Our type, and strategy associated with it, is determined by which centers in our Bodygraph are defined (colored in) and how they are connected.

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Two columns of numbers on the left and right side of the Bodygraph represent the position of the sun, earth, moon, south & north nodes of the moon and planets. The left column (in red) is our Design (our unconscious definition) and the right column (in black) is our Personality (our conscious definition).

Mandala Human designu s konkrétní mapou

Unlike astrology, where one's chart is based on the birth time only (natal chart), Human Design calculates two moments in time. Our birth, which determines our conscious definition (Personality, in black color) and a moment approximately 88 days before our birth (exactly 88 degrees of the sun before the moment of our birth), which determines our unconscious definition (Design, in red color). This second, pre-natal calculation is unique and crucial part of the Human Design revelation.

Our Personality definition represents what we are consciously aware of. It is who we think we are. For example, if you have the 42nd gate is part of your Personality definition, you know you like to finish what you've started. Design, on the other hand, represents our unconscious tendencies, our unconsciousness. It is something we usually learn because other people point it out to us. For example, if the 28th gate is part of your Design definition, you are always ready to take risk in order to find a meaning in life. Yet you would not describe yourself as such. Design also represents our genetic inheritance, what we get from our ancestors.

Personality can be compared to roads and Design to tunnels. We see where the road goes, but we have no idea where the tunnel may be. And where we have both Design and Personality defining a gate or even the whole channel, it's like a road with the tunnel underneath. Design and Personality combined give rise to the basic element of duality in our life. We are not who we think we are.

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Detaily mapy - brány a kanál

Gates in the Bodygraph are connected through a network of channels. Each gate represents a certain type of [archetypal] energy or behavior. The gates defined unconsciously (by our Design definition) are colored in red (e.g. here gate 14) and the gates that are defined consciously (by our Personality definition) are colored in black (e.g. here gate 29). If the gate is defined both consciously and unconsciously, it is colored in both red and black lines (e.g. here gate 5).

Where there are defined gates on both ends of a channel, a defined channel is created (the whole channel is colored in, either in red, black or both), like here the channel 5-15. Defined channels brings together energy of two centers, and in combining the characteristics of its two gates they give rise to a new, third energy. Defined channel is a third energy, quantum intelligence, more then just a sum of its gates, and plays a major role in our life.

Defined channel also automatically defines the centers on both ends. So if there is no defined channel connected to a particular center, the center is open, undefined (white), like here the Ego center (top right). If the 25th gate would be defined in the G (yellow) center, the channel 25-51 would be defined and so would be the Ego center itself.

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Strategy and authority are the alpha and omega of Human Design. Authority, in the sense that Human Design uses this term, means authority for our decision-making. It is that in you that you can truly rely on to make consistently the right decisions. There are several inner authorities, the most common being Emotional and Sacral authority.

The mind doesn't know what's right for us. That doesn't mean it's not intelligent. Mind can be a wonderful tool, as long as it's not the master of our life. But the mind is never our inner authority, whether it's defined or undefined. It has only so called outer authority, which means that what we say can be inspiring for others. It is not correct for us to make decisions from our mind. The mind also second-guesses our true authority and can argue for or against anything that serves its agenda. It is hijacking our identity and pretending to be us. The only safety that we have is to make decisions based on our strategy and our own true inner authority.

The Not-self is who we are when we make decisions from our mind as opposed to our true authority. The open (undefined) centers are where we get deeply conditioned. This conditioning becomes a force that rules our life through our subconscious programs and behavioral patterns. The strategy and authority enables us to make consistently reliable decisions that are correct for us and decondition our Not-self tendencies. It is a process of attuning our Aura to the right frequency.

Ra says this about living as our Not-self: It's not like … the punishment is that you don't know who you are, you're confused and you go to your grave like most people: wondering what the hell it was for. You end up being sick, when you're not yourself. It's not just the psychology, it's the physical body…See, we're objects. All of us are objects moving in space. Doesn't seem like that, but it's true. And the moment you're moving in space and you're not moving correctly, all you meet is resistance…The moment that you're operating correctly – remember, this is just a genetic framework – the moment that you're operating correctly, what happens to you is: YOU GET RID OF THE RESISTANCE. That's so much easier.

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Profile is another way to look at us – not as who we are, but where are we going and what's this all about. Everyone comes to the world with a specific profile or purpose. Understanding your profile helps you understand your purpose in life. Yet there is nothing you can do to make it happen except by living your design.

Our profile is determined by the lines of our Personality and Design Suns (the number after the dot). Here is a very simplified characteristics of the 6 lines:

1st line = investigator; student who studies things deeply, needs solid foundation to feel secure
2nd line = hermit; natural talent, wants to be left alone, waits for the calling
3rd line = martyr; trial and error, finding out what works by going through what doesn't first, goes through many relationships, jobs etc. to find what works
4th line = opportunist; influential, communicative, network of friends and associates
5th line = heretic; seductive and attractive energy that attract projections and expectations from others
6th line = role model; acts as a 3rd line in the first 30 yrs of ones life, then authority for others, detached from life (between 30th and 50th year) to finally become a role model (after 50th year)

For example the 2/4 profile is that of hermit/opportunist, someone who loves (and finds harmony through) being alone, yet has great interpersonal skills of communication and interaction with others, and always has other people coming in his life, calling him out of his cave.

There are 12 profiles: 1/3, 1/4, 2/4, 2/5, 3/5, 3/6, 4/6, 4/1, 5/1, 5/2, 6/2 and 6/3. 
Profile must be seen in relation to your type.